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    Suggestions for updates

    An option to protect existing "Restore Points" in XP: this could be useful, as MS is stupid and if the HDD space is low, all restore points are removed, and of course during erasing the disk "runs out" of free space. Some erasers protect the points before wiping free space.
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    The older Erasers' bug affected my MFT...

    I once ran the older Eraser on an XP computer and it ran into the bug that's mentioned in the update page: it made over 700 thousand temp files and went on to make more until I stopped it and deleted all those files, but now the MFT on that computer seems to be filled with their names. :\ (E.g...
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    Suggestions for updates

    I don't know if it's possible, but could Eraser have a feature to "wipe" system RAM? Simply fill the whole unused with the multiple random patterns? I think it would be a useful and unique feature, "cleaning" system memory of some leftovers already while the computer is running... and I think it...
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    Erasing free & slack space BEFORE starting XP?

    Can this be done? Calling Eraser to clean the free space & file slacks (but not the MFT) before booting into the XP GUI on an NTFS drive? So that Eraser can e.g. wipe the slack of files that won't be accessible under the GUI. There are programs that do exactly that to avoid "locked" files; for...