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    Eraser Stopped working

    I am also seeing the same error with Windows Vista 64. I did manage to get the program to install after stopping all programs that interact with Windows explorer. But the program hangs the moment it is either double-clicked to start or right-clicked on a file and erase is selected. I will try...
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    Failed To Allocate Data Buffer (out of memory).

    I tried booting Windows XP Home into safe mode, searching the same 28 sub-folders using Explorer, and erasing several thousand files of size less than or equal to 10 KB, selecting 600 files at a time. The first sign of trouble was when "Erase" disappeared from the right-click context menu...
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    Failed To Allocate Data Buffer (out of memory).

    Thanks for your quick response. I will patiently await the results of your investigation.
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    Failed To Allocate Data Buffer (out of memory).

    Here is the Erasing Report error in its entirety: Failed to allocate data buffer (out of memory). Try closing other applications or restarting windows. This error occurred after I had finished using the right-click context menu with the new v5.84 x32 Eraser to securely one-pass erase...