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  1. metronom

    DBAN failed to work after updating BIOS

    Hello guys, sad day today (you know), but work can't wait. Shortly. Motherboard: Intel Desktop Board D945GNT\D945PSN\D945PLRN; version of DBAN: 2.2.6 (latest); disc drive: Optiarc: 5170A with latest firmware (114 from 15.04.2008); compatible CD-R disc. I used that MB to erase HDD before, but...
  2. metronom

    Erasing report similiar to 5.x version

    “though it would be in the log, not in a modal dialog” — sure, i understand. Quite probably, that log is the most proper variant. We'll wait. Thx for the explanations & fast reaction, good luck. P.S. (offtop) Sorry for my grammar. I think, most of users here write in international-english...
  3. metronom

    Erasing report similiar to 5.x version

    I've read this topic, but i think that my problem is simplier. Maybe it's the same. Where can i get nfo about performed task, how it was in 5.x version: P.S. By the way, sorry for troubling (i'm new here & in using this software too). I did not find these options in 6.0.8: Does it mean...