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  1. er2u

    Completed with errors

    Without a doubt, this program was well conceived - in the beginning when everything was dark and void. Then along some doofus came along and just RUINED this program. Heidi, do you realize that not everyone runs at 100% zoom in Windows? WAKE UP! Your stupid windows don't show all the contents...
  2. er2u

    "Completed with errors" to remedy?

    Using updated Win7 with no AV running except Windows Defender. Is there any way of really making this erase anything? It doesn't even start to erase a drive and I'm running it in Admin mode. The drive has just been formatted. So obviously nothing is being used on the drive. Now its sitting...
  3. er2u

    Possible to erase 2 drives at once?

    This would be a great feature or perhaps its possible but I missed it? Also an ETA would be great too. It immediately goes to 2 bars then kind of stops. Also the Help PDF doesn't look very similar to my layout in XP SP3 32bit. Not sure why. Haven't tried it in Win7. It would be great for...
  4. er2u

    Layout could be vastly improved

    Basically, people use this program to erase stuff files or an entire drive. So it would be great to have the first screen just have that on it. Erase now or later. Erase files or the entire drive. So its all about what you want to erase, when you want to erase it and how you want to erase...