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    Problems Handling Large # of Files

    Eraser 6.09.2343 on 64 bit Win 7, two issues: 1. When selecting a large number of files to wipe, Eraser sometimes refuses to run and gives a message that there are too many files. What is the limit? 2. During erasure of a group of files, Eraser sometimes stops with this message, apparently...
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    Erasing the XP Swap File

    qxp - Looks like your method wipes the new swap file just created at startup. What's the point of wiping a swap file that has not been used? Thanks.
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    Erasing the XP Swap File

    Robbie - Excellent info, thanks very much.
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    Erasing the XP Swap File

    Does Eraser actually use the wiping method specified by the user (for example, Gutmann) when erasing the XP swap file, or does it just turn on the swap file deletion option built into XP? This is significant from a security point of view. Thanks.