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    Curious about Failure Report Log

    Ahh... Free space within files. I hadn't thought of that! Thanks for enlightening me. :)
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    Curious about Failure Report Log

    Hi, I've just used Eraser to erase the free space on my C: drive. (This time letting it run undisturbed until complete, and consequently not undergoing the trauma I wrote about in my last post. :) ) When it had finished, it produced a list of fails. The list was a massive 3481 lines long, and...
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    First Use Shock

    Hi. This is my first post on here. What follows is not really a complaint, or even a request for help. It is just an account, for the information of the forum, of what Eraser seemed to do the first time I ran it; it was very frightening at the time. If any other users have experienced the same...