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    Wrapping folders often not erased: "currently in use" ???

    Re: Wrapping folders often not erased: "currently in use" ?? Win Indexer disabled (for this partition). Does this matter at all? AV: GDATA Anti-Virus 2011 (but only on demand; no continous file monitoring) Does this matter at all? Other eraser have no problem with this. Peter
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    Wrapping folders often not erased: "currently in use" ???

    Since I replaced old Eraser 5.8.8 by v6.x it happens very often that I can erase (big) files inside a folder but NOT the "wrapping" folder itself. The task log shows always something like: "The file D:\.......\wrapfolder is currently in use and cannot be removed." This happens in approx 90%...
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    Difference 'Erase unused space' and WIN-built-in 'cipher'?

    As you know Windows (at least Win7) already provides a built-in prgm/method to wipe free space on the hard disc. If one would like to erase free space on partition C: the command is: cipher /W:C Is there any difference in result between HeidiErasers erase unused space function and WIN-built-in...
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    "Has completed with errors" ...and now? Reason?

    How about if Eraser would tell the user in detail in such a case if the file is not erased because it is a) compressed b) encrypted c) sparsed? and not putting all reasons into one bag? Furthermore I woudl urgently suggest to put each error message on multiple lines. I always have to enlarge...
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    "Has completed with errors" ...and now? Reason?

    Ok, thank you. A view into the log gives the following msg: "The file D:\data\ could not be erased because the file was either compressed, encrypted or a sparse file." Hmm, I suspect that the file is a sparse file because it is really huge (>1 GB). Why is Eraser unable to erase...
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    "Has completed with errors" ...and now? Reason?

    I manually started to erase a file on my hard disc (64bit Win7). However the task did not completed. In the Schedule Pane the task has an entry "Completed with errors". So what reasons? What can I do to execute the erase successfully? The file is not locked. Peter
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    Where to download 64bit version?

    Recently I migrated from 32bit WinXP to 64bit Win7. As far as I know from the past there is a 64bit version of Heidi Eraser. Where can I download it? On page there is only one (32bit ?) version. Does the 32bit version run successfully on 64bit systems as...
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    Which .NET version is required for Eraser?

    Which .NET version is required for Eraser? Where (on which page) is it described? Peter
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    Can I install v5.8.8 on top of v5.8.7? Or uninstall first?

    Can I install v5.8.8 on top of an existing v5.8.7? Or do I have to uninstall v5.8.7 first? peter
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    Does Eraser v6 really need .NET v3.5 ?

    As far as I can see Eraser v6 needs .NET v3.5 Is this really true? Is there a way to tell Eraser to use a lower .NET version (e.g. v2.0) instead? Peter
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    No WinExp context menu entries for Eraser portable?

    I started Eraser v5.8.7 portable (!) and enabled the checkbox in Preferences->General->Add menu to Explorer context menu Unfortunately no context menu entries are visible in Windows Explorer. Even after exit and restart Eraser Are no context menus possible in portable version? Peter
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    How to tell Eraser to start minimized?

    How can I tell Eraser (portable version) to start minimized ? Is there a command line parameter ? Peter
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    Allow erasing with LOW priority in background. Immediate STO

    Occasionally I want to erase some large directory trees with a total size of approx 3-5 GB. When I start Eraser this operation took up to 1-2 hours to complete. During this time the CPU load is close to 90% and the computer is almost blocked and unusable. I would like to have an option to tell...
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    Eraser freezes a couple of minutes for NTFS cleanup!

    As I found out Eraser (and WinExplorer) freezes for a couple of minutes for NTFS cleanup. This occurs always when I erase a huge number of files in a directory tree (approx 30000) over WinExplorers context menu. In certain intervals and at the end of the erasing process WinExplorer is not able...
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    How to let Eraser start minimized (in SysTray)?

    When I boot my computer with WinXP then Eraser v5.8.7b4 is started automatically AND the main window appears automatically in full size instead of only in the SysTray. How can I let it start minimized to SysTray? Peter
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    DLL and EXE files to erase grow to 80 GB size! Bug?

    OS=WinXP + SP3 Eraser Versions=v5.87b4 portable and with installer
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    WHat is the purpose of "Eraser verifier" ?

    OK,, and how can I enable/start Verifier in the "portable version" ?
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    DLL and EXE files to erase grow to 80 GB size! Bug?

    Occasionally it happens that when I try to delete a couple of files though context menu in WinExplorer the Eraser window stops with the progress bar and freezes the WinExplorer. If I kill it after a while in TaskManager and look at the files later then I can see that one of the files grew up to...
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    WHat is the purpose of "Eraser verifier" ?

    When I install the non-portable version of Eraser the installation give me the option to install an "Eraser verifier". What is the purpose of this Verifier? Peter