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    eraser found to be a trojen?

    new test results on anti-spyware programs show that pest patrol has major problems with false positives. Their product is in test runs 1,3, and 5. Rick
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    PestPatrol reports Eraser as Spyware

    Pest Patrol has a problem with false positives. It's listed in test runs 1,3, and 5. Eraser is clean. Rick
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    erasing a list of files at a single click

    Guest, The batch file idea does work. Found the -queue parameter wasn't necessary when used in a batch file. Looking at the "queue" parameter in the list makes me wonder if/how it would be possible to enter multiple files into the command line and not have to run separate instances for each...
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    erasing a list of files at a single click

    I would like to set up one of the eraser components (eraserl?) to erase a separate list of files from a single click. The list (eg. file A on folder1, file B on folder2, etc) would be separate from the scheduled and "on demand" lists shown in the interface. I would like this to also run...
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    Axle Regarding your statement, "Im currently running win98SE (hopefully not for much longer)." Don't be in too big of a hurry to give up on this version. Windows 98 has far fewer "call home" and activity monitoring abilities compared with the newer versions. Almost everything you use can be...
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    Better Safe Than Sorry - HELP!

    Better safe than sorry Mr. Satan Regarding your statement " I don't trust free programs " , many of the free programs are the best available. From Eraser to anti-spyware to firewalls etc, most of the good ones are made by people who really believe the internet should be free, and access to...
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    Unable to erase 0byte temp file...

    Secureoffice, Are the files you are referring to empty files with either 1 or 2 digit numbers for names (ex. 18 or 6) or in a folder with a name like like HTE35UM4? On mine, the path is C:WindowsTemporary internet filesContent.IE5HTE35UM4* (windows 98). You did actually erase them. Internet...
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    Fat32 and cluster tips

    I am running win98 with a FAT32 file system. Found this in the help file: If you have not disabled the option to erase cluster tip area (generally, there is no reason why you should disable this option unless the drive uses FAT file system and is compressed; see Overwriting Properly), Eraser...
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    Erasing contents of swap file.

    Sami, Thank you for the quick answer. One of these days, I will get DOS figured out. Rick
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    Erasing contents of swap file.

    I want to erase the contents of the swap file without deleting the file itself. Am running win98. I had Norton Utilities, which I no longer have, place it at the beginning of my hard drive for faster operation, and I want it to stay at the front. I seen an option in eraserD for erasing a file...
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    Basic Questions

    I am completely new to this subject. About 2 weeks ago, I found and downloaded Eraser 5.3. It seems to work properly for me. I just learned about version 5.6. If I am reading the website and posts here correctly, the improvements in 5.6 are primarily for compatibility with windows XP. Are there...