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    Preperation Questions

    just a couple of quick questions. this one is about the options that dban asks, below is the info that is shown on the second page of dban. [ ] (IDE 0,0,0,-,-) SAMSUNG SV0802N [ ] (IDE 0,0,0,-,1) Partition [ ] (IDE 0,0,0,-,2) Partition do you know if im right in...
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    Bootable CD

    hi iv burned two CDs on Nero, both with dban the first one when installed during a windows sesion will show the contents of the CD the second one will not show the contents, i ask you which CD is the bootable one because i dont want to use dban just yet and need to delete one of them...
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    quick question

    not tried dban yet, but here is a small tutorial that im reading ...
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    just a couple of quessies about dban

    will you go into more detail please with this statement, if a computer that originally had a OS installed like windows then am i right in saying that no trace of windows will be left after a HD wipe?
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    just a couple of quessies about dban

    when prompted to choose the HD or certain partitions with dban. if the HD is chosen will this wipe all the partitions and any backup HD's also? this is a question about the BIOS to boot from CD with dban we must change the BIOS then on reboot it will ask for the CD, if im right well...