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    How to Permanently Erase All Data on Samsung Galaxy Phone?

    You can restore Samsung galaxy to factory setting, all data on Samsung will be removed permanently. Else you can use android data transfer tool to delete data you want for Samsung phone.
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    iPhone Data Recovery Software

    iPhone data recovery supports you to preview and extract found files effortlessly. You can use it to recover your deleted or lost data from iOS devices/iTunes backup/iCloud backup, or via smart recovery. You can restore backed up files as long as you've ever synced your iOS device with iTunes...
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    How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android from/without Backup

    If you do not turn on the automatic backup function, then you cannot recover from the backup. In this situation, you can use the data recovery for Android tool to extract deleted whatsApp messages from Android storage directly. How to Recover WhatsApp Messages from Broken Samsung Galaxy
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    Android Data Recovery Software

    Many Android user did not create a backup for phone data, the Android recovery is the best tool for you to restore data selectively. How to Recover Data from Damaged Android Phone How to Recover Lost or Deleted App Data from Android Phone
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    How to recover deleted contacts from Android phone?

    If you sync contacts to Google Cloud or other Cloud service, you can restore from backup. Or you can use the recovery tool to restore phone numbers from Android storage. How to Recover Deleted Contacts from SIM Card
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    How to Permanently Erase Eveything from Android

    You can reset the phone to factory setting, all data will removed from Android phone. Or you can use android data transfer tool to erase data you want.
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    How to Recover Deleted Data from Huawei Mate 20 X?

    Want to find out a simple solution of recover deleted data in Huawei mate 20? I suggest you try Android Data Recovery. It is a professional data recovery program to scan out the deleted data and help you recover them with ease. how to rescue deleted music from huawei phone how to rescue deleted...
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    How to Recover Deleted Data from iPhone XS/Max?

    It is a pity if you deleted your important data on iPhone phone, how can we get those deleted data back for iPhone XS Max? Actually the deleted contents are recoverable and still store in phone storage, they are hidden, so you can use iPhone data recovery software to extract iPhone flash driver...
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    How to Recover Deleted Data from Huawei Mate 20 X?

    When it comes to the question about how to recover deleted data from Huawei mate 20 x, using Android Data recovery software. you can easy to recover some lost photos and text messages. It also can recover videos, call logs and contacts. how to recover deleted images, videos from huawei mate 20 x...
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    How to Recover Deleted Data from Huawei Mate 10/Pro?

    If you find data loss, you need to stop using the phone immediately, avoid data to be overwritten, then use the recover tool to scan your phone to get huawei mate 10 pro data back. Android Data Recovery is such a tool for you to recover deleted data from Android phone. It empowers you scan out...
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    How to Recover Deleted Data from Lenovo Z5/Z5 Pro?

    It is easy to recover deleted lenovo Z5 data including text messages, videos, photos, notes, and more, you try Android Data Recovery program to scan Lenovo internal memory and extract deleted data to restore. how to recover deleted whatsApp messages from lenovo z5 how to recover deleted call...
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    How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy A9s?

    To recover lost data from your Samsung phone, you can use third-party recovery tool to scan out the deleted data, you can recover different types of data including contacts, text messages, pictures, videos, documents and more. How to Recover Contacts from Samsung Galaxy with Broken Screen How...
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    Best iPhone Manager (Recover | Transfer | Backup | Unlock | Repair)

    Want to manage iPhone data in a simply way, you can use the iOS transfer software to manage photos, videos, contacts, text messages, audios and other data. If you also need to recover iPhone lost data, you can use iPhone recovery tool, it can recover deleted iPhone data or backup iPhone data...
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    How to Recover Deleted Contacts from iPhone X

    many reason will lead to your iPhone contacts loss, how can get those phone number back for iPhone X? If the contacts did not been overwritten, you can use iPhone data recovery software to get back text messages, call history, videos, photos, notes, contacts, bookmarks and other files. How to...
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    How to recover photos from dead iPhone???

    When your iPhone device is dead, how we can get those dead iPhone data back without data loss, the best way is using a data recovery for iPhone tool, it can extract iPhone internal memory to get data back. You can recover lost important photos, contacts, messages, call history, voicemail, voice...
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    How to Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy A9s?

    You can use Android Data Recovery to deal with the photos losing problem from your Samsung phone, it can let you recover deleted photos from Samsung galaxy without backup, and you also can get back documents, whatsapp, videos, text messages, call logs, and more. It work for Samsung, HTC...
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    How to Recover Deleted SMS from Huawei Mate20(Pro)?

    You have a chance to get back your deleted sms from your Huawei phone. If the sms did not been removed from phone storage, you can use Android Data Recovery tool to scan your phone to get sms back. No matter you lost your Android data due to OS upgrade, root failure or factory settings restore...
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    How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone or iPad

    If I don't get any backup files, is there any simple and useful way to recover those lost or deleted iPhone iMessages? The iPhone data recovery tool can scan your phone and preview all deleted iMessages to select the ones you need to recover. How to Recover Deleted iMessages on iPhone X How to...
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    How to Recover Deleted Data from Honor Note10?

    You can get back your lost honor databy directly your android mobile with the help of professional Android Data Recovery. It can recover messages, contacts, call logs, video and more documents. how to restore deleted call logs from honor phone how to rescue deleted audios from honor phone
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    Backup Chinese Lunar New Year Data on iPhone iPad

    Using the iPhone data recovery tool, you can free to back up iPhone iPad data to computer for free, it also can recover iPad iPhone data, so you can use it to backup or restore photos, SMS, contacts, call lists, notes, voicemail, voice memos, whatsapp and Safari bookmarks, etc. How to Backup...