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    remotely erase from many machines

    1000+ machines? Yikes! I don't think eraser works over the network. I've tried it and it doesn't see mapped drives. I was able to wipe free space on a mapped drive using a program called BCwipe, but it took forever. I was at my computer running the BCwipe application- which was generating...
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    Free space on hard drive is gone ...

    Sometimes the Windows bitmap gets corrupted and windows won't show the correct free space amount. When this happens I right click on the C drive and then choose properties and then the TOOLS tab and then Error-checking. I click on check now, and check mark both boxes and then reboot. Check...
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    Full drive wipe on external drive.

    I wanted to completely erase an external USB hard drive (not just the free space, but the partion tables boot sector and everything) and I found the best way is with a progam called Killdisk. If you download the latest free version there is a program that runs from Windows called KD_WIN.exe...
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    Deleting personal info from a new computer I have to return

    Yup, I would also check the system restore options that came with that computer. The last eMachines I worked on came with system restore boot disks, but lately a lot of manufacturers have a hidden partition that holds the restore program and they ask you to press F10 or F11 or CTRL F11 (or...
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    wiping an external, networked hard drive

    Wiping free space on a different hard drive over the network would be a cool option. I've tried doing that with a different product called BCwipe and it works, but the only problem is it takes forever. I wiped the free space using <1-pass random>, but what I think was happening is the the...
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    where do my eraser preferences get stored?

    If I make a new preference for 1 pass zero wipe, which Eraser program file does that information get stored?
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    eraser be run from the command line prompt?

    Ok, If I use eraserL for the command line prompt, is there a web page that has examples of how to do that?
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    What does eraserd.exe do

    What does eraserd.exe do?
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    eraser be run from the command line prompt?

    Can eraser be used from the command line prompt?