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    Tasks not shown properly and not auto deleted

    I run a few tasks and files were all deleted successfully but the task list still showing, "Queued for execution". :roll: :roll: Eraser please auto delete the task list. Thank you.
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    Auto delete completed task

    Hmmm..... another problem crop up. :( Now that completed task are auto deleted, the tasks queued for execution never auto run. I have to manually run each task. Is it just me or .....:?:
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    Auto delete completed task

    Hey, I updated to latest version the completed task list actually delete itself! :D :D Wonder is it because I was using the outdated version or has it just been improved? Anyway, thanks Eraser! You rock! :wink:
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    Auto delete completed task

    Here's a simple suggestion: Sometimes I used Eraser to delete more than 10 files at one go. After that the tasks still remain on the list whether completed successfully or with errors. Then I have to delete them manually one by one which is very cumbersome and time consuming. :roll: It...