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    Eraser corrupted jpg files - all 0KB?

    I have not run eraser on my home PC since the last corruption. However I ran it on my work laptop, and THE SAME THING HAPPENED. This time, it wasn't just pictures, it was all types of files. It seems to be isolated to a single folder and it's subfolders under My Documents. A bunch of files...
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    Eraser corrupted jpg files - all 0KB?

    They were: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\winskwow.dll (infostealer.Gampass) C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\winsckdo.dll (infostealer.Lineage) They are viruses used to steal game passwords for online games.
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    Eraser corrupted jpg files - all 0KB?

    UPDATE : It appears the virus alerts I got may have been from the feature in Eraser that uses a random dll from somewhere in the computer to overwrite on the last pass. I'm not sure where it got these virus files, perhaps it was on the system restore section of the disk. Still I'm not sure...
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    Eraser corrupted jpg files - all 0KB?

    A few weeks ago, I ran eraser to delete unused space, and the power went out in the middle of the process. Along with all of the extra files out there cluttering up my C: drive (which I eventually deleted), I found several folders of my photos all corrupted with 0KB as the size. Thank GOD I...
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    help! thousands of 1kb files in my C:\

    Same here - possible delete solution I'm having the same problem. What I am attempting to do is do a search on the C: drive (NO SUBFOLDERS) to limit the number of files windows exploerer has to display. Then I can delete them from the search window. The files are random names like...
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    I know this is not the usual message. But I just wanted to thank you for your support inforamtion about Eraser. My PC was taking forever to boot up. I was afraid I had a virus. While backing up my hard drive I foudn a ERAFSWD.TMP folder that had 1900 huge files in it that was filling up my...