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    ERASER/DBAN for laptop when there is no separate WIN7 CD?

    Re: ERASER/DBAN for laptop when there is no separate WIN7 CD I do not know about the other questions, but DBAN will remove EVERYTHING INCLUDING windows 7 operating system. Use DBAN with care. It starts at the first sector and stops when it gets to the last sector on the drive. That may not be...
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    Eraser not in menus

    Hi David, I will leave the philosophical argument. :) I am ahead of you as yesterday evening I did exactly what you suggested. I used Revo to remove all traces of Erase and the C++ run times. I checked the Registry, msconfig and folders to make sure it was all gone. I downloaded 5.8 from...
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    Eraser not in menus

    Thanks David, It may be Microsoft files causing the issues but that's like saying GM is responsible for injuries in a car accident because they made the car. The annoying thing is the previous version was working fine but I don't recall if that was 6 or 5. I foolishly uploaded and installed...
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    Will v5 run on Vista?

    Hi, Given the problems I am having with 6.0.7 I need to go back to something that works. I have v5.3 build 5365 on an older back up. Will that work with Vista? Thanks Dave
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    Eraser not in menus

    Thanks David, I did that yesterday but I just did it again Repair C++ redist Uninstall C++ redist Install c++ redist reboot uninstall Eraser install eraser reboot Still the same. I have the desktop icon and one in the system tray but nothing on the Explorer right-click or the Recycle bin...
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    Eraser not in menus

    Thanks David, I tried all of those. I uninstalled and re-installed and still no menu item for Eraser. Here's the Dependency Walker
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    Eraser not in menus

    Hi, Vista x86 Home Premium. I can open Eraser from the Desktop icon or the System Tray and then select Add Data and click the Recycle bin. Dave
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    Eraser not in menus

    Hi All, I recently installed Eraser on a recommendation from a friend. I just went to empty the recycle bin and there is no "Erase" option there, just the normal old "Empty re..." I reinstalled and it still does not show up. It is also not in Explorer right click menu. In the "Settings'...
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    Deleted files return after system restore

    Another option is to disable the restore process and the reinstate it. That will clear all restore points. From the M$ website WARNING: Using the following steps will completely remove all restore points from the data store. Do not use this method if...