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    Erase multiple files using the new beta

    ye, sorry just figured it out, prefer the old method though, the files in a list, I thought that when I was dragging everything it was dragging just one file, but I found that if i stretched that tab, it was actually listing multiple files. Although, I have found that I can't add more than a...
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    Eraser 6 ALWAYS crashes during erasing

    I've noticed a couple of issues, I have an external hard drive, when I try to add a lot of files at the same time to eraser, it just gives me the black cursor that you get when you try to move something somewhere that you can't. I have to drag a few files onto the scheduler at a time. Also...
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    Erase multiple files using the new beta

    I liked the old system where you drag the files into one window and click run task, I have no idea how to do that here. When I click on eraser, it just shows the scheduler window, and I can't drag multiple files onto there, only one file at a time, which starts as soon as I let go of the mouse key.
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    Can't load eraser

    I get the following error: The procedire entry point ??1CFileLockResolver@@QAE@XZ could not be located in th dynamic link library ERASER.dll. Can someone help me out?