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    Filenames on FAT table.. erase them?

    Purge ghost entries in the FAT The only product I am aware of that will remove ghost entries in the FAT is "Directory Snoop" at Briggs Softworks It is shareware but worth it.
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    I want to erase my whole HD (including OS)...some questions

    That is kind of drastic. Have you tried the following: 1. Close all open applications. 2. Clearing ALL of your temp folders. 3. Disable your screensaver. 4. Perform a defrag of all your drives. 5. Reboot when finished. (Very important) Now see if things have improved.
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    Looking for VB example to display eraser progress

    Thanks for the input; however, I am not a C programmer. I looked at the C source code and it looked like spaghetti to me. I was hoping someone from the support staff might have an example on their hard drive they would be willingto part with.