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    Eraser v6.x Option to Not Load at Startup

    I had read much of what you wrote already in other posts; but thanks for the clarification. Regardless whether Eraser functions as a process and/or service, it could still be configured to minimize what loads at boot time (such as shell extension(s) [right-click context menus, etc.] and service...
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    Eraser v6.x Option to Not Load at Startup

    I recently installed Eraser v6.0.7.1893 (after having uninstalled and removed any traces of v5.8.7). I noticed that the Eraser process now loads at computer startup (including an icon in the System Tray), whereas v5.8.7 did not. After reviewing all of the software options, I am unable to find...
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    windows 98 erasure

    I see that the SourceForge download page includes an installable version 5.7, but not a portable version. Is a portable version still available that works on Windows 98? Or can a portable version be made from the installable version 5.7? If so, how? Thanks very much.