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    How to get log of list of successfully deleted files

    At present, Eraser only notes when a file is unsuccessfully erased. This is a good feature suggestion.
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    what setup file?

    Sorry. I would have known, but I didn't see your post. : ( You probably did download the source code. See this topic.
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    Resuming capability or additional sessions.

    No such capabilities exist in the current version of the program. I think you have a good idea for the suggestions forum.
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    Does It Erase MFT Entries Or Not?

    Thank you for your reply, although I am still a little bit confused. Are you saying that files wiped using Eraser get their MFT entries cleared, but the entries for files already deleted by other means remain? Or is the data that gets cleared referring to "resident" MFT files? I still don't...
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    Disapointing level of help on this forum compared to others

    I understand that you have experienced problems using Eraser with hard drives in a RAID configuration. The darkening screen sounds like Vista's UAC, although that obviously doesn't exist on XP. About the only thing I could suggest is turning User Account Control in Vista OFF and making sure...
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    Regaining disk space

    Eraser *could* regain some disk space under certain circumstanes with an NTFS-formatted drive, at least according to my understanding... When Windows runs low on hard disk space, it may decide to place a file in the disk area reserved for the Master File Table. As I understand it, even if...
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    2 files for 1 installation?

    The other file is a zip archive of Eraser's source code. This is the human-readable code that gets translated into the machine-language .exe file when the program is released. You don't sound like a programmer, so I imagine that you wouldn't have much use for that. : )
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    Does It Erase MFT Entries Or Not?

    I'm confused whether Eraser actually clears unused entries from the Master File Table or not. This is taken from the website's FAQ: Yet this is the dialog box for erasing options: Also, the help file says: Please clarify whether or not Eraser actually clears entries from the master file...
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    Whatever I do: Getting an invalid path message

    Sorry that it took a few days for you to get a reply. This appears to be the same bug reported here.