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  1. cantoris

    Vista Integrity Level?

    Hi! What integrity level does the erasing process run at - esp the one that runs on reboot? If it is not already, is it possible for it to run at the System level to ensure its access will not potentially be blocked? eg See Thanks! Best wishes...
  2. cantoris

    32 bit or 64 bit

    If you're running the 64-bit version ("X64") of Windows XP, Server 2003 or Vista then you need to use the 64-bit version of Eraser. Incidentally, having a 64-bit capable processor is not enough - you must be using the 64-bit version of the Operating System too. Best wishes, Andrew
  3. cantoris

    Crash On Settings Import

    Hi, I exported my settings from my previous version of Eraser (sorry I forget if it was 5.82 or 5.83), uninstalled Eraser, rebooted, installed v5.84 and then tried to import the settings again. On attempting this, the program crashes with an application error - "The memory could not be...
  4. cantoris

    This is starting to tick me off...

    Hi! I've had this same problem intermittently as well, although not recently. I never did get to the bottom of what was causing it. See this thread: ... highlight= Best wishes, Andrew
  5. cantoris

    Eraser goes out of control!

    Hi! The same file enlargement problem occurs with v5.3 too. Ill have a look at expand.exe and see if I can get it to do anything strange as well. :) Best wishes, Andrew
  6. cantoris

    Eraser goes out of control!

    Hi! Thank you both for investigating this :-D I uninstalled my existing Eraser and then installed the new build but the problem recurred. Here are more details of my setup: My system is Win2kSP3 and was installed from an i386 folder into which I had slipstreamed SP3 already. All Microsoft...
  7. cantoris

    Eraser goes out of control!

    Hi Having had Eraser behaving for two days, last night it did its trick of turning two of the usual trigger files into monsters despite bcresident.exe being killed. So I guess thats back to square one again. :-( Best wishes, Andrew
  8. cantoris

    Eraser goes out of control!

    Hi! >You dont have to close any applications to overwrite files; >if those files were in use, it wouldnt be possible to >overwrite them at all. For example, ZoneAlarm and my UPS software between them make lots of logs and temp folder stuff that I have no desire to keep and that I dont...
  9. cantoris

    Eraser goes out of control!

    Hi! I think Ive solved the problem. I normally shut down all my running apps before using Eraser to minimise in-use files. In view of this I didnt expect our software configurations to be relevant. But I see we both have BestCrypt installed. If you kill the bcresident.exe task before...
  10. cantoris

    Eraser goes out of control!

    Hi! I installed v5.5 (not 5.51) and the same problem occurred. The trigger was an XML file in content.ie5. Ive now gone back to v5.6 for the time being but in the next day or two I intend to try out some of the older versions and see if they are affected. Best wishes, Andrew
  11. cantoris

    Eraser goes out of control!

    Hi! Ive had the exact same problem since converting my partitions to NTFS a few weeks ago. Im using Win2000SP3. It occurs mainly on certain system files and in-use files. For example, the dreaded IE index.dat files but also some obscurer Application Data files and things in the temp...