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  1. Concerned

    Is there a portable version of Eraser ? Usage from USB stick

    Right here: (haven't tried it myself yet...)
  2. Concerned

    erasing hard drive

    Shot in the dark: Is it at all possible that you are using a national keyboard layout, where the "Y" key is not at the "standard" place? Normally, if I remember correctly, you can/should use the program to remap the keys correctly. If you haven't set this up on your DOS boot disk...
  3. Concerned

    Installation Config

    Very interesting! Would that not help with my concern in that installing/uninstalling Eraser on the hard-drive does leave traces that it's been used there? Is this "portable" version fully compatible, dependable, and up-to-date?
  4. Concerned

    Duration of Gutman process.

    If you are really paranoid, you should incinerate your hard-drive and spread the ashes to the winds.
  5. Concerned

    Does C: = entire hard drive?

    Yes, your "My Documents" folder is on your C: drive despite the tricks that Explorer uses to make you think otherwise. It's sort of a "symbolic link" or "shortcut" to the VerySpecial location that is really somewhere like: "C:\Documents and Settings\<your>\My documents". No worry here.
  6. Concerned

    temp file location

    As I understand it, that would completely defeat the purpose of Eraser. Eraser "erases" free space by overwriting it with a very large temporary file, until the disk gets full (which is normal and by design, nothing to worry about), then erases that temp file. Putting the temp file in some...
  7. Concerned

    Revealing file names ?

    Maybe there's a rather subtle distinguo between "remove" and "wipe" ? Maybe the filenames entries do remain as "ghosts", but are replaced with inoccuous data? Such that dedicated inspection could demonstrate there has once been a lot of files on that disk, but would not recover their names...
  8. Concerned

    Hiding that Eraser has been used.

    Thanks, that's a second pair of suspenders. :D
  9. Concerned

    Hiding that Eraser has been used.

    Thanks for that tip too. I had made a note to use spiderbite, but I guess I can use both, belt and suspenders...
  10. Concerned

    Revealing file names ?

    Up! (pretty please, with sugar on top) :wink:
  11. Concerned

    Hiding that Eraser has been used.

    Thanks, Overwriter. The current concern I have is that I need to return a computer to its owner, but want to keep potential prying eyes from detecting too easily (1) what's been on there, and (2) that I went to some trouble hiding it (which also precludes physical destruction or complete...
  12. Concerned

    Hiding that Eraser has been used.

    Thanks for the answers, Overwriter. Regarding the leftover patterns, that sounds good enough for me. I'll maybe add some manual legitimate hard-disk activity as a last pass. Do you have anything to say about my suggestion that installing Eraser on an external USB hard-disk instead of the...
  13. Concerned

    Hiding that Eraser has been used.

    1/ Am I right that Eraser's uninstall will "delete" all traces of Eraser, but "delete" here is to be taken in the sense of Windows "delete"? The former presence of Eraser will not be immediately obvious, but a file recovery program might exhibit parts of the files/filenames like "eraser.exe"...
  14. Concerned

    Revealing file names ?

    So, can anybody clear up the apparent contradiction in the FAQ ? If I wipe unused space with Eraser, will it or will it not leave traces of the old filenames ?
  15. Concerned

    Revealing file names ?

    Apologies. RTFM, it's all there (in the FAQ): Although, later in the same FAQ, one find this disturbing piece:
  16. Concerned

    Revealing file names ?

    Hello, new user here. Thanks for what seems like a great tool. I'm not sure I quite understand this, but I seem to have read indications that revealing file names might not be completely erased (short of a full disk wipe)? If I have had files like: -...