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  1. GregM

    Eraser flagged as malware by Google?

    I uploaded nightly build to VirusTotal and get an all clear. Strange -- Am denied posting links here. Had no denials in my many posts until now. Your loss.
  2. GregM

    canvas pictures of landscape

    You would get better response by posting your question on graphic forums such as Bleeping Computer and Photo Forum.
  3. GregM

    Eraser 5.7

    Eraser 5.7
  4. GregM

    Which is the most current version of Free Eraser?

    v 6.0.10 is latest and should work for all. When I overwrite files on HDD and flash (pen) drives I cannot recapture anything intelligible using a recovery program. Have no experience with SSDs. Eraser home page is at
  5. GregM

    system requirements for Eraser in windows Xp

    I'm not aware of cpu & RAM requirements, but v 5.8.8 may work ok for an oldie with XP. Worth a try.
  6. GregM

    How to deal with un-eraseable .zip files.

    All files are erasable. Since you are experiencing difficulties using Eraser, I suggest you try using an alternate program. Here is a list of 36 free File Shredder Programs. After using a shredder you may be able to recover the file, but it will be filled with unusable letters, numbers and...
  7. GregM

    Wrongly erase some useful USB flash drive files

    Try the free Recuva Portable or choose from this list of popular free Recovery Programs.
  8. GregM

    Found folders, how to delete them?

    We will first reset your Recycle Bin. In Windows ➢ Organize ➢ Folder and search options ➢ View ➢ Hidden files and folders. Select ☉Show hidden files and folders. Uncheck ☐Hide protected operating system files. Ignore warning. Apply. OK In the root directory click OS(C:) ➢ Delete $RECYCLE.BIN...
  9. GregM

    Found folders, how to delete them?

    Which recovery program did you use? Did you try erasing the folders/files using the recovery program's erase feature?
  10. GregM

    eraser increased the c drive size

    Does this help? Reduced free space after using Eraser . . . viewtopic.php?f=35&t=6014
  11. GregM

    Portable version of Eraser?
  12. GregM

    Eraser in bussines

    Eraser is a free software. This page should answer some questions. I'm not aware of any certification.
  13. GregM

    erasing attachments received with emails?

    I don't use outlook hotmail, so can't provide good advice about that service. There is no privacy in email. The email provider owns the mail and can inspect it, but I doubt it will. Nothing can be more boring than reading people's email. I guess email copies will remain on web servers for...
  14. GregM

    Help required please re zip files

    Did you try erasing them using Recuva? Right click them and Secure Overwrite Highlighted / Checked.
  15. GregM

    Has eraser really erased all these files.

    If you can't find the two zip files I presume they have been erased. You may also try Recuva to see if you can retrieve and use the contents.
  16. GregM

    How to erase XP internal drive from memory stick

    I've read of others linking to DBAN for this, but haven't personally used it.
  17. GregM

    Will Eraser wipe out Windows 7?

    No charge for the program. Eraser doesn't wipe out the operating system.
  18. GregM

    Eraser, Any Possible Backdoors, Security Issues?

    Before installing a program you should have it scanned by a security analyzer such as VirusTotal, Jotti's, Metascan, VirScan, IObit Cloud, etc. I downloaded Eraser from and submitted to The result of a scan done...
  19. GregM

    Eraser not wiping free space

    Does Task Manager indicate another program is hogging your resources? Malware?
  20. GregM

    Eraser not wiping free space

    Jeeze, 300 GB x 3 = 900 GB to erase. That's a lot of work for your drive, which is probably why it's struggling. I doubt anything could be recovered after a single pass erase, so why not try it. Also consider partitioning your HDD afterward so that you would have less free space to overwrite...