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  1. wraithdu

    Eraser - Possibly Insecure?

    You said the USN journal is a fixed size. Is it also a fixed location? Is there a way to wipe it similar to free space, by filling it with random data?
  2. wraithdu

    Eraser 5.8.7-beta 4 Standard and Portable

    Not too important, but in the portable version archive the "COPYING.txt" file is corrupted. The rest are OK.
  3. wraithdu

    Eraser 5.87-beta2 Portable

    Ditto to the above. Re: version numbers, I went with 5.87.2 for my download, so I figure that should do. Or if you need a 4 section version number (a la NSIS or AutoIt). Either way keep up the good work, and thanks again for a static version for us devs!!
  4. wraithdu

    Eraser 5.87-beta2 Portable

    Awesome! The version numbers still say 5.87.1 though ( just cosmetic, but could be confusing).
  5. wraithdu

    Need EraserL commandline help

    I believe eraserl.exe -file "%1" -method Gutmann -results should do it.
  6. wraithdu

    Eraser.dll Dependencies

    Eraser 5.86+ requires the VC++ 8 runtimes (I think it's version 8 anyway) to be installed. Instead, you can try the DLL included with the 5.87b1 portable package here - viewtopic.php?f=14&t=4470 The runtimes are statically linked. Use DllExport from NirSoft to get the correct exported...
  7. wraithdu

    Eraser 5.87-beta 1 Portable

    I think this is the most appropriate place to post this, so I will. I've finally finished working out the Eraser API and implemented it in AutoIt3, based on the 5.87b1 portable Eraser.dll. I've created a Drop Target front end for it, that is 100% portable and posted it in the development...
  8. wraithdu

    Eraser API

    So I'm really getting somewhere with this :) I do have two questions though. First, can I add more file items to the context array while the erasing procedure is running? Or do I need to create and launch a separate context? Second, is there a way to get what context an ERASER_NOTIFY message...
  9. wraithdu

    Eraser API

    I think this is right (in AutoIt3 terms) - Global Const $BUILTIN_METHOD_ID = 0x80 Global Const $GUTMANN_METHOD_ID = BitOR(BitShift(1, 0), $BUILTIN_METHOD_ID) Global Const $DOD_METHOD_ID = BitOR(BitShift(1, -1), $BUILTIN_METHOD_ID) Global Const $DOD_E_METHOD_ID = BitOR(BitShift(1, -2)...
  10. wraithdu

    Eraser API

    Ok, so I've been digging through the Eraser source, and I'm getting somewhere. But I can't seem to get the convEraseMethod() function to work. I'm trying to do this in AutoIt3, and it keeps crashing when calling the function. I'm trying - return type = ubyte mIn = int = 0, 1, 2, etc. Do I...
  11. wraithdu

    Eraser API

    I did a quick search but came up empty. I'm interested in using the Eraser library in one of my apps without the need for EraserL. Is the Eraser API documented anywhere? If not is there any help you can provide me to get the required functions from the Eraser.dll?
  12. wraithdu

    Eraser 5.87-beta 1 Portable

    Thanks! I'm eagerly awaiting this, since I'm stuck at v5.84 for the moment.
  13. wraithdu

    Eraser 5.87-beta 1 Portable

    Sorry, poor wording I guess. I meant a portable version of EraserL that doesn't require the VC++ libraries to be installed (ie statically linked). Just like the Eraser version in this thread. I just need the commandline functions for scripting and automation etc. Unless I'm mistaken and...
  14. wraithdu

    Eraser 5.87-beta 1 Portable

    Thanks for this! Any chance we'll see a standalone version of EraserL.exe?
  15. wraithdu

    Installation Config

    For portable usage, I just use Eraserl.exe+Eraser.dll from Eraser v5.84. That's the last one that doesn't need the VC++ runtimes. It leaves no traces except for the 'HK??\SOFTWARE\Heidi Computers Ltd' registry key, which you can remove afterwards (or via BAT file).
  16. wraithdu

    Eraser 5.86a Sourceforge Release

    Couple things with the new release - 1. The Gutmann Recycle Bin context menu entry (Erasext) is the wrong command. It is '-method Random 1' instead of '-method Gutmann'. 2. If I have 5.86 installed, do I have to uninstall it first before installing 5.86a? I noticed it uses a different...
  17. wraithdu

    Eraser 586a Released

    I get this error/problem - installing 5.86a on 32-bit WinXP Pro. 5.86 is OK. Just thought I'd mention it for this thread (I think Joel has a fix already, just not released).
  18. wraithdu

    Cant install eraser 5.86

    I'm going to assume this issue is referring to 5.86a when installed in 32-bit WinXP? (I've got the same problem, but 5.86 works fine.)
  19. wraithdu

    Eraser 5.86 RC 1

    Ok, I'll stick with 5.84 for the time being. I appreciate the effort to release a portable friendly version. Really all I need is a recompiled version of Eraserl.exe and Eraser.dll. I don't need the whole package for anything. Thanks again for all the hard work!
  20. wraithdu

    Eraser 5.86 RC 1

    Oh, and is there any way *PRETTY PLEASE* to stop Eraserl from writing the 'Heidi Computers Ltd' registry key everytime it is used? Either turn it off by default or include a commandline switch? It's very annoying to have to check for and delete this key when using Eraser portably (see above...