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    Remove Eraser from Command line

    Can someone let me know how to remove eraser from the command line / batch file? I see there is an uninst.exe in the eraser folder, but no matter what switches i use on it i cannot make it entirely silent and require no user interaction, which is what i need to do.
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    Changing eraser task to system task

    How do i create a system task in eraser instead of only being created for the account it was created on.
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    Settings and Scheduled Tasks File

    Yes, both of the fixes stated above are working, thank you very much! I have created a batch file that does both tasks and have compiled it into a self extracting exe so we can deploy it and just tell it to run. The batch lines are as follows: ::Edit of the Registy for the...
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    Settings and Scheduled Tasks File

    What file are the Eraser settings and scheduled tasks stored in? What I need to accomplish is a deployment of tasks and eraser settings to about 500 machines and I would love to be able to do this by just copying the config file from Eraser to Eraser directory.