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    Erase Schedule Appears when Windows Starts

    On one of my User accounts the Erase Schedule window appears each time he logs in to the Windows Desktop. I can't see any way of controlling this in the Settings. Can someone please tell me why this happens and whether I can prevent it. Eraser on Windows 7.
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    Dragged files erased immediately

    Ticket #306 raised
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    Dragged files erased immediately

    With version 5 after dragging files or folders into the Eraser window I could check what I wanted to erase before starting the erase process, but with version 6 the files are erased straight away. Is there a setting somewhere to prevent the immediate erasing of files? TIA
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    Unable to format floppy

    Thanks for the info Joel. I have now upgraded to Eraser 5.8.7 -- couldn't download from Heidi's site but found it elsewhere. I was erasing some old personal data from the disks and then reformatting just to ensure they would be OK on my present PC. I am now erasing old files, reformatting...
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    Unable to format floppy

    After using Eraser 5.82 to erase unused space on some floppies I find I can't afterwards reformat the floppies (Windows says it "was unable to complete the format") unless I deselect "Cluster tip area" and "Directory Entries" before running Eraser. Is there a reason for this and is it OK to...
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    Multi-user environment

    I'm running Eraser 5.82 on Windows XP +SP2 with one administrator account and four limited accounts. The hard drive is 80GB with 30GB free. When erasing unused disk space, is it necessary to run Eraser separately in each user's account, or will running it in my administrator account erase all...