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    Stop identity theft by using Eraser regularly!

    Have you ever had your identity stolen? I HAVE! NEVER AGIAN! I read here about people concerned that using Eraser could be used as evidence against you - WHAT RUBBISH!! I realize there have been cases similar to this, but the person must have been a moron or had an idiot for an attorney. I...
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    How to remove GHOST filenames from NTFS or FAT

    When you use ERASER on the active partition there may be a few filenames that still show up with recovery tools. I believe this is because Eraser cannot erase the cluster tips of clusters that contain active files. The best way to erase everything is to have a second bootable partition on...
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    How to clean the NTUSER.DAT file - revisited

    I have not visited here in a while and since my last post I notice there has been some discussion regarding this topic and decided to answer this question. I use a shareware utility called RegdatXP - if anyone knows of another way, let me know - you can find it with Google. You need version...