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    Latest Version

    Which is considered DBAN's latest version? dban-1.0.6 July 24 2005 or dban-beta.2005121500 December 15 2005? Has anyone used the beta version,if so how did it work compared to the 1.0.6 vesion?
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    DBAN time for 100gig HDD

    dajhorn, sorry for being a total newb but are you saying that PRNG with 8 rounds and 1 pass is overkill for my purpose? If so which method of wiping would you suggest because i have another hard drive to wipe. Thank's a bunch. :)
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    DBAN time for 100gig HDD

    When you said 7 pass, did you actually mean the pass or rounds.Sorry if i had to ask im terribly confused.At the moment my sisters pc is getting wiped with the following settings: PRNG: Mersenne Twister Method: PRNG Stream Verfy: Last Pass Rounds: 8 Is this level of wiping...