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    Did I destroy my hard drive?

    A friend of mine recently gave me his old computer, and before I did anything with it I used dban 1.0.6 on a floppy, DoD short method. The computer had WinXP Pro on it before, but I planned on installing Debian Linux afterwards. However, since running the wipe nothing seems to be able to read...
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    x64 version

    What benefits would a 64-bit version have that the 32-bit version doesn't? The hard drive is the same in either system.
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    Running Eraser from a USB Drive

    I use a 256mb Flash drive attached to my keychain... I take this thing with me everywhere! Is there perhaps a way to put Eraser on this drive, so that I can use Eraser no matter where I am? Does Eraser rely on registry entries that would be absent on any given computer I take the USB drive to...