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    Secure Move

    I've been missing the secure move feature, and way back i seen a reply directing someone to a build that had it in it. But I don't want to use it now since it's been a while and eraser moved to 6.09. So which nightly build would you recommend as stable with the "secure move" feature ?
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    DBan & Bios Settings

    I wish someone would pick the project up though. It's a good app and the "idea" is sound. Wished i knew enough about coding :) But i don't (can barely do a web page with php hehe) But it does work. A person can not get enough "good job" these days. So here it is, to all the people involved with...
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    DBan & Bios Settings

    I don't know. But I had to disable on my laptop, even the sata-eide (I think this was an emulation or something) for DBan to work. (might be the laptop HD was actually EIDE and was emulated to sata) Know on another note, I just used it on my desktop last week, and all my drives are sata, and I...
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    DBan & Bios Settings

    I just wanted to add some points on DBan. I had issues with my bios settings with Dban when i tried to erase my HD's. It urns out, DBan does not like "Card reader" support enabled through the Bios, as well i beleive the setting dealing with the sata <-> EIDE settings. Once these were disabled...