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    When to defragment ?

    Hello to anybody adequately informed on this; I've read bits and pieces on when to defragment for best results when using Eraser, but it appears many pieces of advice are conflicting. Is there a definitive answer? Indeed is it different when erasing 'files' rather than 'unused disk space'...
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    Impossible to set "when finished" in scheduled tasks?

    Hello Joel and thanks for that. I have not persevered with the 5.8.7-beta4 release, because :- 1) The standalone installer download always gives me a zipped folder which Windows XP claims is corrupted or invalid and 2) The installer version messes up my XP's right-click context menus, in that...
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    Impossible to set "when finished" in scheduled tasks?

    Hello, "On-Demand works fine." Not for me! I've tried various versions of Eraser over recent years and recently, and I can never get the system to either restart or shutdown after running an erase task, on-demand or scheduled. ie the setting I make in the Task Properties reverts to 'none' if I...
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    shutting down/rebooting after scheduled erase

    Hello, I came here looking for advice on this subject too; I thought I was using the program wrongly or something. Is the status of this issue still the same as above at the moment? What I'm wanting to do is get Eraser's computer restart or shutdown feature to work after manually...