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    Build wont load

    XP Sp3 Just updated from an earlier build to 6.0.8 and as soon as I try to run it or boot my pc I get the "Eraser has encountered an error". I downloaded the file twice from SourceForge - same results both times. I no longer have a backup of the previous version: where can I find a recent build?
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    That darned Task List wont go away

    Tried to erase the Task List and it came back again, exactly the same as before. Uninstalled Eraser 6 and the List was still there (in AppData) after a reboot. Why erase it? Why not? Thats what Eraser´s for, no? In my case Its full of titles of stuff I have erased, like "My Wife with...
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    Unexpected dialogue on boot

    After running an old (5 something) version for years I finally updated to 6.07. Now when bootig the pc I get what looks like a DOS command box which reads: Unknown action - hide Please enter to continue Is it possible to stop Eraser from running at startup?