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    Eraser 5.83 new beta

    I think that he means that at present in the 5.82 version that the erase files preferences are applied to files in recycle bin as well. However, in the 5.83 beta version from 03/13/2007 that this does appear to be the case. Erasing the contents of recycle bin in the 5.83 beta version from...
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    Vista Recycle Bin Problems

    Tested out new beta in Vista The recycle bin problem seems to be gone in the new 5.83 beta version. I used the 5.83 beta version to erase the content of the recycle bin in Vista several times and it always works fine for me. The 5.83 beta version did not give out a report when it finished...
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    Vista Recycle Bin Problems

    Yes I am also having the same problem in Vista Ultimate. I can erase through the right click menu option, but right clicking on the Recycle Bin to erase it contents always says that the recycle bin is empty even when it is not. Because of the recycle bin issue I have not had the guts to try...