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    unused space erasing failed to erase some undeleted files?

    When I tried out the erase of unused space (eraser 5.8.8 ). It went great except 2 things. One is that I got some out of free space error on writing to disk, I guess that it is probably due to that eraser would create files on the free space and then overwrite those files, so it could...
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    Do we really need the multiple passes for overwritting?

    Hi, expert, I read this from help file for Eraser and it is very good and offers some insight about why we need multiple passes: However from this wiki page: ... tes_needed, it said: I would assume that most of computer has the modern hard disk and it...
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    Running Eraser on virtual machine

    I did some search on the forum and I didn't find a definitive answer on this. I would like to test the eraser to erase the whole computer ( basically erase the whole c: driver) However I could not test it on my dev machine (so we know that :-)). I just wonder if it is safe to run it on a...
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    Eraser newbie question

    Hi, experts, I am in the processing evaluating the eraser for our application to use. Our application would run as service in the local system context and it would invoke the eraser to run. I got couple questions: 1. I saw that eraser won't be able to delete the file if file is locked. Anyway...