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    Erasing index.dat at statup

    I previously said: It actually said the file is being used by another process. Also I am using XP Pro which might have something to do with the index's not being deleted. I have to log on before the batch file runs. Any explanation is appreciated!!
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    Running Eraser without Having to Install

    I'm sure I probably missed something somewhere, but can eraser be run in its ENTIRETY without having to be installed? Any help would be great and some people are probably wondering the same thing!! :lol: 8) :? :shock: :D :) :o :o :lol: :lol: :cry: :P :arrow: :idea: :?: ...
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    Erasing index.dat at statup

    WOOOOOOOPS!!! :oops: I forgot the whole point of my last article!! The file shredder I would use would be ERASER. I have searched for freeware almost everywhere and have not been able to find a better program!! Thanks, to the developers of ERASER and those who maintain...
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    Erasing index.dat at statup

    Successful ways to erase index.dat I have found a way to successfully erase index.dat files. Concerning Index.dat Suite, I have it and use it to locate index files, but my batch file never seems to work. In the Command prompt it outputs Access is denied or something similar about files I...