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    Recovering files

    how do you do a freespace erase..?
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    Recovering files

    just try Recuva ive run it today & its found near on 80% of the files i erased with this program
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    Eraser doesn't work.?

    ive now been testing this out for several days & used it to erase both photos & video files from off my pc & then today ive run Recuva on my pc & its found near on ever file ive erased...????
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    Need to delete files off my hardrive permenantly

    im NOT the only perv around then LOL.. i find Disk Wipe to be quite good when wanting to completely wipe a full hard drive.. but if your unsure its always best just to take a very big hammer to the hard drive than sell it on as thats the only way to be totally sure...