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    New to Eraser

    Hi George, I do not use WinXP, so I can only answer the first question. What you deleted from recycle bin (and is NOT under "Norton Protect", or any similar special "restore safety mechanism") is => -- still on your HDD, the name in the directory has got a new first letter indicating...
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    Paging file

    erasing swap file You may do it both ways, with about the same amount of work: - Disable the swap file, reboot to Windows (now without a swapfile), then you may do a freespace erasing, which erases also, what before was contained in the swap file. Re-enable the swap file and reboot once...
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    Eraser performance verified w/ Encase?

    Swap 1) Thankyou for Win98. Just wanted to be sure to talk about something I know. 2) In Norton Utilities, Speeddisk, you may choose what comes first on the HDD, e.g. the swapfile is a good choice. So when you are using a fixed size of swp, you may be sure, that it is always using exactly...
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    Eraser performance verified w/ Encase?

    swp 1) what OS are you using? 2) did you use Norton to fix the position of the SWP file on your HDD? E.g. at the beginning of the partition? Otherwise it's newly created on a haphazard place where garbage may be stored. :D
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    System Restore - WinME

    In a way, I do not understand the problem: (it happens only when making a "freespace erase", not a file erase) When you erase, this is probably the final step of a general and irrevocable cleaning the PC of its "past". After having deleted, whatever was "superfluous". (including caches &...
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    eraser vs. sure delete

    No problem, the recycle bin is a folder. You can delete single entries at will and then make a freespace erase [:)]
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    Can not delete file!

    If everything else fails, do it under pure DOS (bootkey F8, prompt only) [8D]
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    Problem ?

    Sent you a mail, which bounced.... Eraser, when set to disk-freespace & clustertip erasing, does NOT erase clustertips of all open (aka: active) programs. They are protected by the system. An error message will inform you. NOR files in the recycle bin/stuff under Norton protection (they...
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    Dan in Arizona :^) - The Trojan

    I checked the incriminated download with all trojan hunters I have. The file is clean. (In order to check the efficiency of the trojan hunters I do have 10 sample Trojans in their "launching pad" ready to go.) NAV does find them all, so its very probable that the file IS clean. [:D]
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    Covering your tracks

    When its a CD-R, its "read only" you cannot delete nor erase. If its a CD-RW you can delete it, but as file on a removable storage item it is not stored in the recycle bin, but stays on the CD-RW, marked as "free to overwrite". When erased, its gone for good. Same for a ZIP-Drive-Disk.
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    Erasing the swp file

    Hi David If you partition your drive you will first get a partition "C:". This is the active one with the Operating System on. Furthermore two additional partitions called D: and E: will be created. These are NOT active but may be used from the OS on C:. In this case you may erase D: and/or...
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    How to CLEAN Netscape Mail (Ver4.79 e.g.)

    Slow & complicated but secure: - Open Netscape Messenger - create a new directory e.g. "AAA" that stays on the top of the row - press "Ctrl" and mark all files in the folder you want to clean - transfer them all to "AAA" - close Netscape and go to My ProgramsNetscapeUsersNameMail - erase...
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    All this talk...

    Im an old guy. Using Win98SE (I just love DOS, grew up with it). So I am using 512 MB of RAM and NO swapfile at all. Problem resolved. D:
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    How do I completely erase my PC?

    Just a hint: my diskette wears a special color in order NOT to have it in the drive by error [:(!]