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    Eraser completely screwed up my system

    It's like my old computer teacher said. " The biggest sorce of computer problems. Is the ID10T between the keyboard and the chair."
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    I'm losing 10gigs+ every time Eraser locks up...

    As to you losing HD space. If Eraser is locking up / being forced to quit , while it is trying to do an erase. It doesn't get a chance to delete it's temp files / folders (~ERAFSWD.TMP and ~ERAFSUD.TMP ). So look on your HD and if you find them delete them, and you should reclaim some of your HD...
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    Freespace Erase On Windows Me

    Sorry for this late reply ,but not everyone has WinME and some maybe hesitant to suggest something on a OS they know little / nothing about. Anyway , as to your free space procedure, 1. Shutdown all running programs 2. Run scandisk (Standard) 3. Run freespace erase 4. Run defrag Also should...
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    Erasing files on a CD

    Yes I have tryed it and yes it does see my CD drive the only drives that it has a problem with, are CD/DVD combo drives and strait DVD drives.
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    Erasing files on a CD

    Wrong! You can use Eraser on a CD-RW, however you only need to use one pass, as only magnetic media needs multiple passes. You can't use Eraser on CD-R, as they write protect themselves after the first write. The only way to secure a CD-R is to destroy it and then melt down the pieces. If...
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    Eraser and Windows 2000 SP4

    I think Eraser is at least partially incompatible with Windows 2000 SP4. I did not have trouble erasing with "data streams" checked in preferences or erasing the recycle bin via right-click until I installed Microsoft's SP4 patch . Ever sense, file erase ( right-click file - erase ) many times...
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    One overwrite pass, is enough to prevent the recovery from STANDERED, undelete programs . However there are programs out there that can recover parts of files from 'magnetic echoes' these echoes require 7+ passes to be corrupted securely.
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    defrag, scandisk, erasing free space

    Because of the possibility of Disk errors especially on a Fat drive, you should ALWAYS do a scandisk first. Then a free space. Then a defrag. and if you really want to be therow, because defrag sometimes leaves bits of copies of files its moved , do another free space.
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    Erasing pictures

    When you did a 'free space' was there a list of untouchable directories? Are these files in one or more of those untouchable directories? If Yes the there is little that can be done at these point because there are always directories that Windows denies access to (locks), mainly 1) The...
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    USB Drives

    If I understand correctly USB drives are still magnatic, they basicaly use USB for transfering the data , instead of a cable, and use magnetics for storage. So the answer is yes, I would use muti-passess on a USB drive.
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    Bug in Scheduler

    Eraser uses the registry to govern things that happen at bootup / login. I think that somehow the entry got 'left behind' when you tried to delete the task. Download Startup Control Panel - It lets you see all of you startup items and lets you edit /...
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    "Error: Failed to clean directory entry.... - Why?

    It probably has something to do with Win2000 being a more secure OS then 95/98. I think it is more aggressive in 'locking' ( denying access to ) files and directories. The main problem directories ( at least for me ) are : 1) Any directory that has file(s) that are 'in use' 2)...
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    I posted the spyware info links, because there are many forms of spyware that either 'invite' or 'leave the door open' to Trojans / viruses/ and other nastyies. A form of ‘locking the door before the horses escape’.
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    I still want my hardrive

    The "Unused space on drive" option will only destroy the artifacts from previously deleted files. You should be able to use your drive as you did before the free space wipe.
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    Eraser 5.7 Problem (Requires Multiple Files To Function)

    Ok, but first could you give us some idea of what your working with? OS , Memory, HD space.. , what type of files is this problem effecting? temp / tmp / graphics / other ?
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    Erasing a "failed" HDD

    If it's a software issue than DBAN should do the job, however if the hardware has been damaged then your only option will be what DW suggested.
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    To delete the spyware already on your computer Spybot - Search and Destroy To keep Spyware from ever bing installed in the future Spyware Blaster These are both very good...
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    Eraser Capabilities

    It sounds to me like he is talking about the ' clear directory entries ' option in the eraser preferences, also so far I have only had problems erasing the drive / partition where the OS is installed, regardless of whether it is FAT or NTFS. I have tested Eraser using the undelete utilities...
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    index.dat free space

    I don't think it is Eraser that is the main problem, in this case . Becuse I have Norton SystemWorks on my PC., and as long as I , empty BOTH Norton bin , Windows bin, AND Temp Files , eraser wipes the files, I know there gone becuse I've to recover them with Norton unerase, alongside several...
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    index.dat free space

    Re: so you know. It isn't that Eraser doesn't erase every deleted file. The fact is that Norton Unerase comes with a Norton version of the Recycle Bin, and the Norton version makes copies of stuff that isn't normally handled by the Windows Recycle Bin, so you have two choices if you wish to...