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    Unwanted Tasks Added to Schedule

    When I erase a file via the Windows Explorer context menu, a task is automatically added to Eraser's schedule. Sometimes, this results in duplicate tasks. I only want those tasks that I explicitly create during a drag-and-drop operation. How do I prevent automatic creation of tasks?
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    Notification Icon Persists

    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 Eraser Is there some way to make the Eraser icon disappear from the Windows notification area when its task is completed? My notification area is already too large, but I do indeed want the other icons there. I know this could be solved by terminating the...
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    New Version

    I downloaded Eraser, dated 3 January 2018. I have some questions. 1. The file seems small. Is this a full installer for installing while offline or a stub installer that requires an Internet connection? If this is a stub, is a full installer available? 2. Where can I find a...
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    User Documentation

    This repeats a thread I started almost a year ago. My current Eraser User Guide is a PDF file dated 11 October 2014. Since that date, I have updated Eraser four times. Is there a more current User Guide that I can download and place on my hard drive in a form that does not require an Internet...
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    Bad Captcha Processing

    Using the envelope icon at the bottom of the downloads page at, I tried to send a message to the Eraser team. I very carefully input the Captcha string (which was much more legible than many others). When I selected Send, however, the Web page returned a note...
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    I see that Eraser was released yesterday. Is this an official release, a beta release, or merely a nightly? If it is official, are there release notes?
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    User Documentation

    Is there a current user manual or other documentation that I can download to my PC? I am looking for documentation that does NOT require an Internet connection.
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    Eraser in Windows Explorer

    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x64) Eraser I checked the checkbox for "Integrate Eraser into Windows Explorer". However Eraser does not appear on the pull-down context menu for any file. How do I get this to work.
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    File Containing Eraser Method

    I created a special Eraser method. Now I want to "move" Eraser from one disc partition to another, deleting it from the current partition and then installing it in a different partition. However, I do not want to lose my special Eraser method. In what file is it saved? Can I simply save the...
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    I found Eraser at What is the status of this version? That is, (1) is it official and (2) is it ready for end-users? Also, "Eraser released!" was posted in the "Eraser Update...
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    Eraser in Windows Explorer

    Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x64) Eraser I installed Eraser in the J-partition of a hard drive, primarily because the C-partition was becoming full. Now, I cannot get Eraser integrated into Windows Explorer. Otherwise, Eraser works just great. Do I need to install it in the...
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    Windows 7 Ultimate S{1 (x64) Eraser What is the Eraser.BlackBox plugin?
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    Erasing Solid State Hard Drive

    I read elsewhere in this forum that Eraser cannot erase files on flash drives (memory sticks, thumb drives). Can Eraser erase files on solid state hard drives?
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    Eraser Launches on Windows Startup

    Windows XP SP3 Eraser 6.0.10. 2620 Recently, Eraser has launched when a reboot or boot-up Windows. This delays the completion of booting. I think this started after installing the most recent Windows XP updates. In Eraser's Settings, I unchecked the checkbox for "Integrate Eraser into...
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    Bring Back v.5.8 Capabilities?

    I am still using Eraser for three reasons: 1. When I attempted to install Eraser, I was not given any option where to install it. It automatically went into C:\Program Files\Eraser. Eraser allowed me to install in any directory I chose. Yes, there was a Browse...