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  1. Will Pittenger

    Eraser's command line

    I see a topic in the help file called Command line. Does Eraser have a working command line interface or is that just a placeholder for some future feature?
  2. Will Pittenger

    Eraser keeps running a monthly task

    I have some tasks that are only supposed to run once per month. But Eraser is running them constantly. While trying to fix that, I noticed Eraser thinks it's out of date. So I had it download and run the installer for the latest version. Trouble is, that doesn't believe that it is upgrading...
  3. Will Pittenger

    Eraser is nearly useless in Vista (and probably Windows 7)

    Blame User Account Control. I was unable to erase either files or free disk space without elevation. Perhaps you should recode it as a service. Then it will always run as administrator. Then UAC only needs to control the UI (unless you provide your own checks there). As a bonus, you would...
  4. Will Pittenger

    Does someone have a high res icon for Eraser?

    I am making a folder icon for Eraser's folder inside Program Files. The included resolutions are too low to be of help. Besides, such a icon would be needed for programs like RocketDock or ObjectDock. (These create a Mac-style dock using PNGs that are as large as 256x256 and then scaling them...