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    Log from Eraser

    If you are using a version of Windows prior to XP, you will need to use 5.7. Otherwise, I'd recommend trying 5.8.8 portable, which, if memory serves, did show at least some path information in its log. David
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    Should I see a progress bar, or other running indicator ?

    Re: Should I see a progress bar, or other running indicator Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Eraser appears to be working normally for you. If you open the Eraser window, you should see a progress bar in the entry for your task (which will appear while the task is running even if you started the...
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    eraser 6.1.0. doesn't work

    Which build are you using? Do remember that 6.1 builds are nightly development versions which are not offered for production use (though they mostly work quite well in that respect). Your particular problem is most often, in my experience, the result of a failed installation, which can some...
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    Bring Back v.5.8 Capabilities?

    Thank you for you helpful and constructive clarification. I agree that this does seem to be a bug, though whether it is a function of the .msi file (which is embedded in the install.exe file) or of the Windows installer itself I cannot say. It would be helpful if you could raise a ticket in...
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    Bring Back v.5.8 Capabilities?

    I'm responding to this one first, as the answer is straightforward. I agree with this criticism, and, more to the point, so does Joel. As a matter of policy, he only implements UI changes in version updates, so you will find a confirmation dialog in the 6.1 nightly builds, but not in the 6.0...
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    Log from Eraser

    If you have to have the erasures logged, Eraser 5.8.8, available from the Eraser downloads page on Source Forge, is currently your only option. There is a portable version you can run from a flash drive. It is some time since I used Eraser 5, but I think you may have to copy and paste from the...
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    can't erase unused disc space

    It ought to be possible to provide a login script using the Eraser CLI (to see what is available, enter 'Eraser Help' at a command prompt). If the erasures are such that administrative privileges are required, Eraser does of course have to be run from an account with such privileges. As regards...
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    Log from Eraser

    Give us a chance! Sadly, Eraser 6 only logs errors and information messages. I have suggested to Joel that logging actual erasing, which was in Eraser 5, should also be, in some form, in Eraser 6. I don't think that this isexplicitly agreed in the TRAC task list, however. David
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    Bring Back v.5.8 Capabilities?

    The browse button is enabled on my machines; I'd guess that there is some issue with the Windows installer on your machine. Actually, it does. See page 14 of the User Guide (opened by clicking 'Help' in the Eraser window) It is perhaps worth pointing out that the last version of Eraser 5 was...
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    eraser running very quickly

    What does the log say? David
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    Forensic Analysis?

    Did Joel mean 'text', I wonder? The warning appears in the task log, if Eraser detects that System Restore is or has been enabled. And I repeat: Eraser does not remove extant restore points. David
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    Eraser Appears to have Failed, but No Log Message

    Had Eraser completed the free space erase normally, as far as you could see? If it had, you could try a file recovery program, such as Recuva, to see if it finds anything that should have been overwritten. David
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    Forensic Analysis?

    True. Hence the point about backups. It is also worth mentioning that System Restore, in my experience at least, fails to complete a restore. It is probably best to regard it as a tool for undoing something you have just done, rather than as something that allows you to revert the machine to...
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    Bug in Eraser in Win7 x64

    It isn't a bug. Please read the section on running Eraser as Administrator in the 'getting to know Eraser 6' FAQ topic. David
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    Forensic Analysis?

    This is not quite the way it works. If a restore point (containing shadow copies) is deleted, the space is marked as free, and Eraser free space erase treats it as it would any other free space. If the restore point is not deleted, free space erasing will not touch it. To reduce the impact of...
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    Do we really need the multiple passes for overwritting?

    For file and folder erasing, Eraser deals with each file/folder in turn. It has to do this to operate with one file stream at a time; I would guess that any other approach would be impossibly complex to code. Free space erasing is done by writing files to empty space and then deleting them, so...
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    Forensic Analysis?

    Yes. Shadow copies are not in space marked as free by the file system, so, by definition, are not covered by a free space erase. Deleting old restore points is a good idea; they take up space in any case. Once they (and the shadow copies in them) are deleted, a free space erase will work on what...
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    Eraser released!

    It's the latest stable release, recommended for normal use. Did version 6.0.10 install (it should say 6.0.10 top right of the header in the Eraser window)? Assuming that it did, there is a bug in the update function which records the current version incorrectly. This will probably be corrected...
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    right click menu in a 32-bit explorer

    Firstly, apologies for not reading your original post as carefully as I should have done. I think Joel meant (and this would certainly be my approach) that you could try running the 32-bit .msi file on your 64 bit OS (apologies if you knew this already, but just double-clicking on the .msi file...
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    right click menu in a 32-bit explorer

    A normal installation of Eraser places an entry in the Explorer context (right click) menu. I agree that this is much the most convenient means of erasing individual files and folders. Is the context menu entry missing from your installation? If it is, fully uninstall Eraser, reboot and try...