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    Web site down

    The main Eraser site appears to be down at the time of writing. I hope that this is planned maintenance, and not continuing results of the server compromise. David
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    Installing Eraser 6.0.8 over Eraser 6.0.7

    Following the release of Eraser 6.0.8. a few days ago, it has been found that (in the release build at least), it will not install directly over Version 6.0.7, but produces the error message "A newer version of Eraser is already installed. Setup will now exit". Joel has traced the problem to...
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    That's hardly a topic for this forum! But good general advice with any computer-type system is to clean off dust (which can greatly inhibit system cooling), but otherwise leave well alone if the system is working properly. Cleaning can all to easily disturb or damage fragile components. David
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    Getting to know Eraser 6

    Read this even if you don’t want to read the manual Who this post is for This post is for anyone who has just installed Eraser 6 for the first time, including previous users of Eraser 5. If you have just opened the Eraser program, and don’t know what to do next, close the program and read this...
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    Why Does Eraser Have To Run As A Process?

    I can't find one, and I can't find a mention in Trac (proposed changes) either. Just in case I missed something, I'll ask Joel to confirm that this is correct; if it is, I'll raise a Trac ticket so it gets considered for a future version. David
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    Common Eraser Questions: read this before posting

    This post is intended to point users to the answers to questions that come up time and again on the forum. Please read this first before either searching further or posting on the forum; that way you save yourself time and trouble. If you just want to get to know Eraser 6, please read the...
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    Version 6.2: Recycle Bin

    On a Win 7 x64 (fully patched) machine, I am using today's v6.2 build, for reasons given in this thread. File and folder erasure from either the tasks pane or initiated from the context menu appear to work normally. However, erasure of the contents of the Recycle Bin, whether from its context...