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    DBAN 2.2.6 latest? Ever gonna be a new release?

    thanks for your answer. why is this? Do you have any idea when was the project abandoned and what is the release date of the latest DBAN (2.2.6) ? I am asking because I need to know about hardware support. If you have any idea what is the release date for this version please let us know. it...
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    DBAN 2.2.6 latest? Ever gonna be a new release?

    Hello, I have browsed DBAN home page but couldn't find any relevant information about releases date and changelogs. Please anyone know, is DBAN project sill active or is it dead ? This is current release 2.2.6 ? When was it released? Are developers working to newer release with better hardware...
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    RAID Configuration

    It depends. If it's hardware raid then DBAN will only see one drive and wipe it without any problems if it's software raid it gets tricky because when you boot from DBAN CD, the OS where the software raid is installed does not start - therefor I don't know how DBAN will see your disks. My...
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    Warning - Free Space Erase can Destroy Data

    This does not necessary happen. I did it on the same operating system (on a laptop) and it worked just fine. No files were destroyed.
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    Cleaning a 10-year old WinXP machine

    I had the same problem last week. I needed to clean some machines at my workplace before they being donated to some elementary rural area school. The machines used to hold sensitive data on them like employees accounts and credit card details. I have asked the same thing in forum and I received...
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    Wiping NTFS (journaling) filesystem

    Yes it helps, many thanks for your reply. I understand now exactly what you mean. Erasing the free space will make all previously deleted files to be unrecoverable in proportion of 99,9% but something can remain so it's rather better if you have the possibility to erase the entire HDD. I will...
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    Wiping NTFS (journaling) filesystem

    David I did not understand your point. What do you think is it safe or not to wipe the disk with windows installed on it ? if the partition filesystem is journaling (ntfs) will this erase the data? as i understood data can not be wiped no matter how many times you overwrite on journaling...
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    Wiping NTFS (journaling) filesystem

    Greetings everyone, New to this forum. Recently I have received a task to wipe the HDD of some computers which are to be donated to other organizations. The problem is like this - the computers have 200 GB HDD each, with Windows XP installed on them. The files who were company's secrets have...