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    DBAN 1.0.7 is the current release.

    DBAN 1.0.7 is the current release. Please upgrade to the current release before making a support request. ... _id=439240
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    Rules for posting support requests.

    Include this information if you post a question or a support request to this forum: The DBAN release that you are trying to use. (eg: dban-1.0.6) The DBAN media that you are trying to use. (eg: floppy disk) The computer manufacturer and model information. (eg: Dell OptiPlex 170L) The exact...
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    BETA 2006012500 is the latest release candidate.

    BETA 2006012500 is a candidate for the DBAN 1.0.7 release. It is safe for general use.
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    DBAN 1.0.6

    The dban-1.0.6 release has been published: This release has fixes for all reported performance issues.
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    Beta for i915/ICH6 computers

    If you have a computer with an Intel i915/ICH6 chipset on which DBAN runs slowly, then please try the latest beta and report any differences in performance.
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    SATA drivers are in the latest DBAN beta

    The dban-beta.2004102700 release has a full set of SATA drivers. It is linked on the DBAN home page. Please report incompatibilities or SATA devices that are not recognized.
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    DBAN Beta: "Xd: Out of memory"

    The "Xd: Out of memory" error that you may see when using the DBAN beta is spurious and may be safely ignored. (Im still around. Work on the DBAN will resume when I finish my current contract job. [:D])
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    DBAN Beta

    Version 1 of Dariks Boot and Nuke is now in early beta. You can download beta releases from the DBAN file page. Status updates will be available here.