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  1. C - 55.8MB download??

    HERE I assume this isn't an official release?
  2. C

    Majorgeeks are offering this on their downloads page HERE Is this a legitimate release? It links to a file with "no run times" in the name?
  3. C

    High memory consumption

    Firstly, just tried to log in to this site and got a "you have exceeded the maximum number of logins allowed" error and I had to then go through a picture validation sequence. Um, nope, this is the first time I've tried to log in here since the last time I was here. Secondly, I'm running...
  4. C

    Obscure error message?

    I wasn't trying to do anything with Eraser, this occured during my system boot up. Has ever an error message contained so many words and meant so little?
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    Eraser failed to successfully erase a file?

    First post here and I'm not looking to start a flame war :D I've used Eraser for many years and am currently using version 6. Very happy with it.......or so I thought. I have nothing dodgy on my pc but I do use it extensively for a lot of my day-to-day activities, online banking, car...