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    Eraser vs Sdelete

    I recently discovered a MS sysinternals called Sdelete. I am wondering how it compares to Eraser in terms of effectiveness and safety. I believe it uses the DOD standards and will erase files, folders, and free space. There is also a GUI available to use with it. Has anyone had any...
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    Portable 5.87b4 features

    I am wondering what is the difference between the portable version and the installed version in terms of the features and functions each will perform. Are both as effective?
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    Directory Entries and MFT

    BC Wipe provides the following feature: Wipe Empty Directory Entries. The file system records the names and attributes of files to a special area (so called 'directory entries' for FAT and MFT for NTFS). When a file is deleted the corresponding directory entry is modified by the file system...
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    Slow erasing?

    I just started using Eraser recently. Initially, I used the right click to erase some files and it was immediate with a setting of 3 passes, pseudorandom, and cluster tips. Today, I used it to erase my recycling bin which was about 100mb with the same settings and it took about 15 minutes...
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    version 6.0

    I have been reading about new features which may be on version 6. I am just wondering when version 6 will be released. Thanks
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    Secure Move

    I have just recently started using Eraser. I am needing an explanation of Secure Move--purpose, reason for using it, how it works, etc. Thanks