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    slow erasing by version 5.6

    I have been using this software since 2003 and thus am familiar with how it works. O/S is XP-PRO-SP2 with 768MB Ram on an Athlon XP 2400+ processor and ADSL. I find that it takes a VERY long time to complete the task of erasing just the 'C' drive. on the past two occasions I have...
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    whatever happened to version 5.6?

    i have been using eraser since version 5.4 and after downloading version 5.7 and finiding it to be even more sluggish than version 5.4, I went back to version 5.6 which is fast and in my opinion the best yet. I have a friend whose PC I am trying to make secure and cannot seem to find a site...
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    Erasing the swp file

    belive the first newsletter had some information to the effect that you need to install eraser on a drive different than the one you want to erase. scenario I am upgrading to a larger H/D and intend to make 3 partitions. I intend to run Windows98SE on the <b>first</b> partition, use the...
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    eraser 56 [e56]

    i downloaded and installed e56 after i removed e554. I also created the boot disc on floppy. there is one problem I noticed with e56. as I understand the function of eraser, it is two fold: a. it overwrites unused disc space 35 times etc. but cannot erase cluster tips of...