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    What is the best file recovering software to test Eraser?

    What is the best file recovering software... ? The ones used for computer forensics, top-notch state of the art software? Currently I'm using Recuva but I would like to know if there are better alternatives.
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    Why does CCleaner only take 1hr to free wipe ~400GB?

    I used both Eraser and CCleaner to wipe my laptop hard drive with the same file erasure method. How come CCleaner takes only an hour, whereas Eraser takes upto 5-9 hrs using the same 1-pass (pseudorandrom) method with cluster tips enabled? What is Eraser doing that CCleaner isn't doing?
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    Recover deleted file using Eraser?

    I deleted a file using Eraser from Recycle Bin using Gutman method, is there any way I can recover it? It is an important file.
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    Is software shredding reliable?

    I work with many private and confidential information through a portable hard drive. Only until recently have I used encryption to protect the files I work with (Truecrypt). I've deleted all the files on the hard drive and used Eraser to shred the free space using DOD. Is it possible, even by...
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    Does Full Disk Wipe using DOD make the driver slower?

    I did a full disk wipe on one my Ipod Nanos using DOD... it took couple of hours to wipe about 5 GB of free space. I noticed that when trying to copy files from Ipod to my C drive, it is extremely slow. It's sending at a rate of ~900kb/s. I don't know whether or not this was the regular rate or...