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    eraser won't erase external hard drive

    Hi, when I run eraser for my external hard drive it says "Error The program does not have the required permissions to erase the unused space on disk. Run the program as an administrator and retry the operation." but when I run the program as administrator, it says the same thing what can be...
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    which is the best algorithm for dban?

    hi guys, i heard guttman is great but the new hard drives use new technology and other algorithms would do the same great job as guttman method is it true? can you suggest me which is more secure? the 7 passes are good? Thanks!
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    dban and eraser

    hi guys i need to wipe out my hard drive, when i say wipe out i mean really i have some sensitive files that i need to get destroyed i asked a questionsome days ago and got a very helpful answer by david i used eraser and erased the unused space and cluster tips(although i dont really know...
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    new user, I have a question on eraser

    i had some files deleted a few year ago and now i used recuva and recovered them I need to get rid of these files, so if i use eraser, do i get a 100% guarantee that i wont ever see these files in my life again? if no what should i do in order to really get rid of these files? im thinking of...