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    Experiment: Eraser and DBAN applied to CDRW media

    Since there were some questions regarding how Eraser and DBAN interact with CDRW media, I did a few experiments with CDRW media using Nero and a variety of settings. I then tried to run Eraser on the files, and ultimately tried to run DBAN on the media. The results are below. Tools...
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    md5 sum for DBAN iso?

    Darik, maybe I just missed it, so please let me know. I was about to suggest to another user to check the MD5 sum of the ISO, but then I went to the sourceforge page and I'm not seeing an official one. I see a PGP public key and a sig file, but I don't use PGP at work and would rather not have...
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    Possible feature to add

    When adding a new task in scheduler, it would be nice to be able to paste in a path instead of having to click through it each time.
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    Erase "Recent" folder at boot creates problem savi

    I added the files in "Recent" folder to the scheduler to erase at each boot, but then encountered a strange problem. Once the system came up I could not save any files through "file save" or "Save As". The dialog box would either just disappear or (using save as) would give error about not being...