1. J

    Unused disk space SSD

    Hi! I used Eraser to erase unused disk space on my SSD Kingston with 3 passes US Dod 5220.22-M. It finished and I used Disk drill to check that nothing can be recovered, but to my surprise Disk Drill found one hundred and six thousand files to recover. How can it be possible? I wanted to erase...
  2. T

    Eraser and deleting files on SSD

    I know that the technology used in HDD and SSD are different and it is difficult to permanently delete files on SSD. So curious, if I use Eraser to wipe files from an SSD drive, is the deletion 100% or remnants of the deleted file can be recovered by any software. The OS is windows 7 and Win 10.
  3. Patrick

    Erasing SSD's

    Hello, Can Eraser be used to securely wipe/erase SSD's? I've researched the web on this subject in general, and many say they can't be erased like an HDD but that you can erase them using some (to me) very complex methods. It's very confusing for a non-IT person like me.