Cluster Tips


While erasing unused space Eraser starts with Cluster Tips using Pseudorandom Data. Recently I started getting a "Eraser has encountered a problem and has to close" popup when Eraser hits C:/.../t=1&e=sw%253D1024%25...526wt%253D9750[1].htm. I do a computer search, I comeup with no hits I search with Regedit I get two hits, Search Assistant/ACMru name-000 Type Reg_sz Data-t=1&e=sw%253D1024%25...526wt%253D9750[1].htm. I made a regestry backup, deleted the line. My Taskbar disappeared, the only way I could restore was with a backup I made with Acronis stored on a external USB HD. I am using Eraser 5.82 on Windows XP with SP2. Does anybody Know what this is and Why it should stop a cluster wipe. At first I thought it might have to do with Bufferzones Virtual File but I did a search by computer then a visual search, but no luck.
I havn't had your type of problem. But with Eraser 5.7 under NT erasing Cluster Tips it would cause some corruption in my encrypted files for some reason, so I had to stop using it.